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/ 1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986.

I've been lurking on the Something Awful forums for a long time; in fact, I just read some threads as recently as yesterday.

who remains in control of the site but is supported by other contributing writers and administrators.

It has also been speculated that messages could be drawn out within games, rather than written, in creative ways such as firing patterns of bullets at a wall.

Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris, which have left at least 132 dead and many more injured, have been linked to Sony's Play Station 4, with suggestions that the attackers used the game console to co-ordinate and plan the atrocity.

Games consoles are, of course, incredibly popular - the Play Station 4 has sold more than 25 million units to date, and the Play Station Network, which includes users of earlier games consoles and other Sony electronics - has more than 65 million users.

Users can communicate via text over PSN's party chat, or using internet voice chat.


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