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This is gradually evolving into a Windows SCCM blog but there's a bit of "me stuff" in here too as I like to write so have a look at some of my work. I've had a problem with the old girl recently - our SCCM 2007 environment had been chugging along nicely until a few weeks ago. 500 collections with update schedules running pretty evenly throughout the day.

To fix this, check and see if the file mentioned is in the like it is in the screen shot below.

If this file exists and you no longer need this update, simply move the file to a temp location and delete it.

If you find that your System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (Config Mgr 2007) or System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (Config Mgr 2012) collections are updating slowly or maybe even not updating at all, take a look at your file.

You may find that there are many entries such as ‘’ alerts.

The following table shows some examples for how you might use collections in Configuration Manager: You can create collections that logically group resources that are based on your organization’s hierarchy.

For more information about how to use collections for client settings, see About Client Settings in Configuration Manager.You can configure maintenance windows for device collections to restrict the times that Configuration Manager can install software on these devices.If you configure the maintenance window to be too small, the client might not be able to install critical software updates, which leaves the client vulnerable to the attack that is mitigated by the software update.In sccm 2012 my device collection(all system) is not updating properly. At a minimum it must be longer than the heartbeat frequency of the clients.Here’s an example from a case I recently saw: One possible cause for this is if the collection referenced was deleted shortly after being created or updated, but SMS SQL Monitor and SMS Collection Evaluator processed the create or update file out of sequence.


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