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But that is what has happened with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez—she the singing, dancing, acting and business multi-threat known simply as J.Lo, and he a World Series-winning, three-time American League MVP who at one time was the highest-paid player in baseball who also has himself a jaunty nickname in A-Rod.Seriously, where have these two been hiding from each other? They're both native New Yorkers, both from humble beginnings, both parents of two.They both bring to the table inimitable talents, international fame, wealth beyond belief—and very public relationship histories that are as storied, twisty-turny and tabloid-friendly as they come.“Alex and Jennifer ran into each other in LA around four or five weeks ago, rekindled their friendship, then things escalated over the last few weeks,” a source told Page Six. A-Rod saw her performing her “All I Have” show in Vegas.“Alex went to the show a couple of weeks ago with his friends, and he was blown away,” the source said. Lo briefly dated actor Wesley Snipes, her co-star in the 1995 movie “Money Train.” Two years later, J."I don't like talking about my relationships," he said in a 2012 interview.While celebrities dating other celebrities is about as common as it gets in the universe known as Hollywood, it's still a bit of a rarity when two full-blown supernovas collide.

Lopez lands her first major film role, in the multigenerational family drama comes out and launches J.The pair have attacked their love lives as they have their careers over the years — with gusto. Lo, a multiplatinum recording artist, actress, mother of two and South Bronx native, has been married — and divorced — three times. Lo met her first husband, Cuban waiter Ojani Noa, at the restaurant where he worked in Miami, where she was filming “Blood and Wine.” Wed in February 1997, they split in January 1998.Cameron Diaz is known for dishing her thoughts on love and sex, and how no one is monogamous.You might remember A-Rod from the times he dated Cameron Diaz in 2011.The pair dated on-and-off before calling it quits because Diaz was “very busy with her career.” As well as Drake there has been baby daddy Macr Anthony, P Diddy and Ben Affleck. If J-Lo and A-Rod ARE together, surely they deserve a brand new celebrity portmanteau?The two met while filming separate movies in Minnesota.


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