Man dating 2 women

Can someone please help me understand how a man can date two women at once?We were together 2 1/2 yrs and then broke up bc of stress and distrust.These days, dating multiple people at once is something that both men and women do to enjoy a fun and exciting lifestyle full of sex, love and rollercoaster emotions.

I am starting to feel guilty seeing both of them at the same time, but do not feel that I have more of a connection with one than the other just yet.You should always have a conversation with the person that you want to get serious with clarifying that you'd like to be monogamous with them, so that there's no confusion and all expectations are made clear.For some people, that time comes when sex is introduced into the relationship, but still, the conversation should be had.If someone that you're dating gets mad if they find out you're seeing other people before you've had sex or an agreement to be monogamous, then you should run away from them, fast and far. My question deals with the etiquette of online dating.He met a girl during that time, but didn't end it when he came back to me and we were trying to work things out.


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