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Also addresses reported problem where when you saved a smaller file to overwrite a large file, it would leave behind the end of the larger, original file. The cryptography has been changed, which should resolve assorted crypto related errors. Also some changes for users not authorized to create a member in XL_PCSPL3/QTBLSRC (which we were using to handle a default translation table). Also includes a minor change to the Spl User security program to specify that the initial list can be whatever the user wants, rather than forcing it to be what may be set for the group. Fix to make Splx III respect the 'Remember Session Password' option on the Communications Configuration.

Before executing this update on your PC, run this command on your AS/400 (you'll need to sign on as QSECOFR): PC Build 879, i Series version 3.20. Users that have SMTP passwords defined (Lotus Notes, MS Exchange etc) will need to rekey the userid and password from the Spool-Explorer Configuration on the Email Tab.

As part of this common user interface, NQS has been implemented as a collection of user-space programs providing the required batch and device queueing capabilities for each machine in the network.

Provide for the full support of both batch and device requests.

Today, this computational complex is officially known as the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulator Processing System Network, otherwise known as the NPSN.

The assorted machines in this network are of varying manufacture, and (as of the time of this writing) include Digital Equipment Corporation VAXes, Silicon Graphics Irises, large Amdahl 5840 mainframes, and a Cray Research Incorporated CRAY-2.

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Even though it is a single genome for which we have obtained the samples, the workflow given below remains similar for the metagenomic samples when you have complete genomes instead of contigs in the reference database (and so I use the nomenclature: genomes/contigs).

In April 2010, I wrote an article about how to convert AFP to PDF using native commands included in IBM i 6.1 at no charge.

With the release of IBM i 7.1, we're fortunate that IBM has expanded on these abilities by adding a couple of neat features.

This page is a record of the updates that have been prepared for Spool-Explorer. A message is now issued when attempting to download a spoolfile that you are not authorized to. Also improves handling of unusual printer commands in the printer data stream.

The objective of the page is to help you identify whether any problems you might be having currently at an older release of the software have been addressed in more current versions. Previously this was not clear, and would cause the client side of Spool-Explorer to hang due to a MSGW condition on the server side. These resulted in ***UNKNWN*** text inserted in the spool file. Addresses a problem reported by a client where the spool file attributes specified 66 lines per page, but the spool file actually contained something like 130 lines per page, and also a problem with the configuration screen where if you turned on 'Underline' (Options/Configuration, Display Tab) you would get an 'invalid integer number' error. Addresses problems with decimal point separator on languages that use anything other than '.' for the decimal point separator (this manifested itself in the spool file attributes display screen). Enhancement to greatly improve the speed of downloading queues lists.


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