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Use of the chat room signifies that you are in total agreement to the terms contained here within.

If you disagree with any of these terms, then please do not use the chat rooms.

For British people from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and all over the UK.

I mean u get to meet new AMAZING people everyone is nice and cares about u here it's like another home.....i've become best friends with some people on teen chat and i just LOVE it. It's also a good place to chill out and chat with my already made friends...

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We have been around since 23 March 2000 and, with your help, we hope to be around long into the future.

Chat memberships are completely free for all ages and we offer a variety of features that makes chatting fun.

If you would like a private room feel free to make one and put a password on it so nobody can enter but the adults that you choose.

Every time I want to join them, I need to pop-up the "Join Chat" dialog, select the right account, and enter the chat room name.

Sometimes, the some of the server information is not there so, I need to enter that in as well.


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