Celebrity couples that are dating who is justin bobby dating now

Some celebrity couples who never married have families together, while others have pets.

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Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn top our list, having been together for 30 years without ever getting married. Russell has a daughter from a previous marriage, and Goldie has children by her ex Bill Hudson (however her children consider Russell to be their father).List of Celebrity Couples Who Never Married, loosely ranked by fame and popularity.Hollywood marriages can be a tricky union, and perhaps that's why these famous couples decided to never tie the knot. there were no complaints filed with the company about Tommy and his gf Brittany Furlan joining the mile high club.but Tommy and Brittany both appeared to be in good health.Married couple Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have a child, but with a 22 age year difference, Ford could have been Flockhart's own dad. Of course, Demi Moore ditched Bruce Willis for a man 16 years her younger.


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