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Ja Rule - who is happily married to his longtime love and is a father of three - opted for a more casual look. We wrote each other while he was in.'The duo will perform at the venue again on Friday night and make an appearance at Club Luv 1 before heading off to California for Soulquarius 2017.The 40-year-old wore a nude toned short-sleeve hoodie with side zippers, camel joggers and black Vans sneakers. Other headliners of the R&B, hip-hop and rap festival include R. is also the founder and CEO of Grand Hustle Records and a successful actor. He has been arrested several times and served two jail sentences for gun charges and probation violations. has been dating Tameka "Tiny" Cottle for over 10 years and they were married in Miami on July 30, 2010.

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He was raised by his grandparents and first started rapping when he was just eight years old. During the period directly after leaving high school, T. "Rubber Band Man" would eventually be the title of one of T.

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Irv Gotti recently sat down with Funk Flex and a little known fact was dropped.

Not only did bad weather conditions add to the lousy living situations of unassembled tents and no power, but attendees uploaded photos of their luggage being mishandled, adding to the chaos.

The Fyre Festival social media accounts have been exercising heavy damage control, with the official Instagram account shuttering the comment function on its images, while the Twitter account has been scrubbed of any tweets aside from apologies and excuses.


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