Ang dating doon pretty woman

She doesn't think about the secrets surrounding her birth or her stepsister who teased her behind her back.

sa kanilang tahanan ng nagdaang araw sa sobrang pagod sa nahimbing ang kanilang tulog.

But then I get interested, and shit's getting real bcs then I became love this movie and I take my words before it's def not just a normal romantic movie.

I thought it's just a normal romantic movie, not special.

His cuteness is really attractive whenever he smiles widely.. Like how they will try to get the attention of their crushes, friendship problems, family problems, etc etc. I wish I could forget everything about this movie and enjoy it again like the first time. The plot is great; the actors are awesome (Mario and Baiffern - best couple ever!!

The female actress (whose name I can't pronounce because that is one crazy ass long name I see) is a fantastic actor!


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